stevekemp's totally radical 80's bash

when you are the man, the myth, & the legend, what do you do for your 40th birthday?

dress up in red spandex and guyliner, naturally:

& you OWN IT. you make it your BIZNATCH.:

then you get a group of your friends together and convince them to dress 80's theme accordingly for the night:

some of them actually may or may not be FAMOUS:

just make sure that they are all willing to look ridiculous and make total fools of themselves:

(just like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to this group, fyi....)

sit at the head of the table for a birthday dinner and reign supreme:

as well as work the adoring crowd surrounding you:

take a group photo and then be miffed that the dude who said, "hey! i have this same camera! i can TOTALLY take this shot!" was actually a liar. and maybe somewhat inebriated:

afterwards, hop into the party bus reserved in your honor and grab your hottest chick for a cruise down the strip:

make sure to apply a liberal dose of polo:

(blurry again. curses!)

then sit back and enjoy the hottest, most legendary & EPIC lap dance performed in the past twenty years:

delight in the fact that your entire crew is wearing your likeness on buttons:

something along THESE lines:

then rock out to the beats of a great 80's band while people ask to take photos with you:

how do you top off an evening like this?

by getting a mohawk. (i can turn 40. but you will never make me ACT like 40!!!)

stevekemp is a wonderful friend to all of us and takes care of business!


Joellen said...

Best birthday party SteveKemp! Jared said that there was no resistance on that lap dance.

MotherBeck said...

I wish so badly that I was your friend in real life....

kami @ said...

I love your outfit! You guys seriously know how to party it up, please plan my 40th!

Vanessa said...

October 16, 2014. Please start planning accordingly.

You all look totally bodacious!!

Amy said...

Wow! I am still smiling! It was such an awesome night! CAYLOR even had fun hanging out with the "thespians"! Loved it!

Kris said...

I want to play at your house. Can I come over?

tiburon said...

I love that Kemp went with the mohawk.

I might just get one next weekend...