a fairy tale:

this is the story of a beautiful princess named kaitlyn....

.....who turned sixteen years old and celebrated by taking a girls-only/ALL-OUT/you-only-turn-16-once trip to las vegas with three of her peeps.

she was ecstatic when she realized she was going to stay here:

&, as it is all-too-easy with the good things in life, settled right in to the lap of luxury in a real hurry:

they did some lounging in their suite:

followed by the checking of the view from the 37th floor:

which is when they looked down to see this:

so they immediately decided to do this:

along with a little of this:

they got all dolled up for the evening: (with fake eyelashes no less! WHAT is this world coming to?)

the 16-year old princess went out with her special birthday banner made with love by kristin:

the princess was so happy that she even (!!) showed much love to her younger sibling:

the ladies enjoyed a wonderful dinner in a wonderful place:

& the princess received special birthday treatment:

along with being a volunteer at the mentalist: (amazing, btw.)

the princess & her peeps then stopped by the fountains to survey the view:

& made their way into the super-secret-vip-lounge at bellagio: (without an invite. SCANDALOUS!)

they made new friends:

said the word "balls" repeatedly at the wynn:

enjoyed the waterfall in the shoppes:

and capped the night off by the waterways of venice:

the princess & her posse had a wonderful time:

& even managed to take one semi-inappropriate photo: (don't look grandpa & grandma.)

the princess didn't want the night to end--she & her girls stayed up 'til 3:30 a.m. until finally calling it quits:

and they lived happily ever after:


Lainey-Paney said...

She does KNOW that she's the luckiest gal alive, right?
With quite possibly the coolest mom alive!

Kudos to you guys {parents} for making that whole trip a reality for her. What WONDERFUL memories! What fun!
...and way to set the bar reeeally high for future suitors trying to woo your princess!

Vanessa said...

For my 16th birthday, my friends and I went to a haunted house. This was way cooler.

I'd like to be adopted into your family.

mCat said...

I never got to have such a great party! I;m turning 44 this year, will you throw mine? : )

gina bina said...

I sooooooooo wish RBC and Mindi were my parents. Life can be so unfair. HB to your first born!

MotherBeck said...

I think my mom forgot my 16th birthday...no it was my 18th, for my 16th I got my scripture quad. I love the fact that Kaitlyn took her younger sister, and looked like she actually WANTED her there. Looks like you have a great daughter! She must take after her totally awesome mom!

tammy said...

I'm thinking it's a good thing she'll only turn 16 once.

Vanessa said...

I forgot to ask. Was there a tiger in the bathroom when you woke up?

Kendra said...

What an awesome mom to do this! You impress me more than anyone!!! Also I am now missing my false lashes a whole lot :(

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Spoiled Rotten I tell ya! Spoiled Rotten! You tell her I said so.

Happy Big 1-6 Katie!

tiburon said...

Best fairy tell ever!

Looks like a fantastic trip!

Well played Mommy Mindi. :)