sweet sixteen

my sweet firstborn turns sixteen today--how can that be possible? it just seems surreal.

june 24th, 1994 changed my life forever:

happy birthday to our little "doll baby"--you bring us such joy, words cannot express. your father and i cherish you with our whole hearts and want you to know that you are LOVED.

so, my little katie bird: happy sweet sixteen! (and never, ever, EVER been/going to be/planning on being/even THINKING of entertaining the option of KISSED.)

may your day be filled with pennies raining from heaven & bunny heads exploding:


kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! What a darling baby you were! Doll Baby for sure. 16 years? You get to kiss a boy today! ;)

Vanessa said...

She is so cute...now and amongst the apples.

I hope to see her Super Sweet Sixteen MTV party on the blog next week. I'm sure it will be off the hook.

mCat said...

Beautiful! Happy BD girl!

And now, mama - watch out for the boys!

Megal said...

Oh my Katie bird. You are too gorgeous! Happy Birthday lady. Love you.

Simply Vera said...

Oh, shes beautiful..... looks like her mama and auntie Megan.

Jod Jas Curtis said...

WOW - that is CRAZY! Happy BDay Kaitly girl - she is gorgeous :) & good luck w/ the "no kissing" sitch... let me know how that goes!
Miss you guys