thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the awesome care package i got in the mail from my kami--

it came at the end of a really stressful week on a day that had endless girl drama at our house, so it felt like a little lifesaver thrown out into my sea of discontent. (wow! how 'bout them apples?)

the picture above (which is focused on the fingers instead of the wtym logo--why do i suck?) is the cookie she sent to me with my logo on the front in chocolate--how cool is that?

speaking of kami, go on over and enter her mrs. fields cookies for father's day giveaway.

(you should also check out the mrs. fields blog that my blogging bff tiffany writes for~good stuff maynard.)

**a little girl who keeps her hair-ribbon on her head, NO MATTER THE COST.

**two little cousins/frenemies who can fight like cats & dogs all day long. but then make up at night.....

& for a little one who could be capable of throwing a monster tantrum of epic proportions, but still look like an angel 8 hours later-- {love her}:

**for a little boy who got to carry a bottle of grape crystal light while his mommy had him stay at aunt mimi's--

and for the fact that it looked suspiciously like diet dr. pepper.......

**the angels in costa rica who proved to us this week that sending your parents on a mission really could bring you blessings.......{thanks mom & dad. we love you so!}

**for tiburon, who always sends cool things to my email. (like this stellar t shirt)

**& finally, for a world that allows a creature such as zac efron to exist on this earth.

so that dirty old ladies like myself could fall into the oh-so-predictable & formulaic (i know. i KNOW!) teenage-angst movie trap that he lays for us.


kami @ no biggie said...

I'm so glad that package came at a good time.

And thanks for the shout out, Mrs. Effing-ron. ;)

alex dumas said...

I am also a victim of said trap.