stuff on my cat

i have enjoyed wasting time for quite a while on stuff on my cat--

how can you not love these?

i especially love the ones of stuff piled up on them while they are taking a kitty nap:

i've been contemplating sending some of my finest work to the website.....but i don't want them to reject my felines. i don't think i could handle the emotional aftermath & extensive psychological scarring i would suffer if they didn't make it.

they just worked too hard:


Vanessa said...

That's it. I'm off to start piling crap on top of Oreo. And I'm going to start documenting it. And sending it in.

Or just posting it on my blog.

Omgirl said...

The best part about those pictures is those three cats who have the look on their face that says "You have three seconds to get this sh** of my head before you lose an eyeball, Buster."

alex dumas said...

The crap that amuses you...

tiburon said...

Where the heck do you find this stuff!?!

For the record...still hate cats.