thank you, lagoon....

.......for making a childhood dream/fantasy of mine come true.

as a young girl/teenager, every time we went to lagoon (translation: white-trash disneyland) i used to beg, BEG for my mom to have our family's picture taken at the pioneer photo gallery--

you got to dress up in costumes from the old west and take reproduction photos.

sadly, my mom always said "no."

happily, this past vacation, my "dad" (translation: russ) said "YES!!!"

our bff's, jody, jared, & family were there to share in the joy that i felt had been missing in my life for all of these years:

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when we decided to go for it, we told the woman in charge that we wanted the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF DEBAUCHERY in the photo.

we listed the aspects absolutely vital to this photo:

1. guns and ammo.

2. money.

3. illegal moonshine straight from the still.

4. gambling.

5. loose women.

i think we were able to capture all of the above elements nicely-----







and one last closeup for the grandparents on the mission: ( my parents have NEVER been more proud!)


i can say now, honestly, that i feel complete.

i am already planning on us doing THIS for our next photographic experience at lagoon:

**the only thing missing in these photos was kaitlyn--

she was unable to attend the photo shoot due to excessive water weenie usage:



tiburon said...

Oh those were even better than you said they were!


heidi said...

holy christmas card batman!!! i love old timey pictures. they are especially fun down south,with all the union/confederate soldiers.(some people think it is real.)
i've only done this once and my dumb friend insisted on being belles instead of the one-legged barmaids like i wanted to be.

Martha H. said...

Those are Awe-Some!

Vanessa said...

I hope you are picking the one with your cross eyed "dad" for the 16x20 above your mantle.

Jared must like to brush his teeth with a bottle of Jack.

gina bina said...

There are no words.

M-Cat said...

Sadly, this is a fam tradition of ours. our family room wall is covered with them.

I like yours better!

Mandy said...

My fav picture is the closeup. :)

My fav part is that the MEN are dressed as ladies.


Loni said...

That was worth the wait...

kami @ no biggie said...

Tipsy RBC in a sleeveless gown?! doesn't get much better than that. so funny!

The Harrises said...

Jared and Russ look like naturals in those dresses. They can pull it off rather well.