i wanna make a mess....i wanna blow off stress.....


(yes, i know that my cheeks look like marlon brando in the godfather. yikes!)

we've loved 311 ever since jared & jody told us that we should. and we've never looked back....

i fell in love long ago with THIS love song. and i'm thinking that you've even rocked out to THIS one or THIS one.. but what you might not know is that their concert is one of the most raucous, entertaining, and engaging shows one could see.


going with these two was the best part of the night--if you don't count the "cops" take-down over the railing and zip-tie behind-the-back handcuffing of our friend in the picture above.

it was pretty intense. and the best part was that we were able to observe, like a bad car crash, from our protected "old person" spot roughly 5 feet away. (membership DOES have it's privileges.)


we had some of the best seats we've ever had at usana--front & center, on the railing, overlooking the mosh-pit and GA from about 5 feet up. it was a rubber-necking DREAM. and we took full advantage.


we loved the band and how much they interacted with the crowd and switched it up.


however, it was, at times, hard to concentrate on them as we were too busy trying to narc out the girl and her boyfriend who were the instigators of three of the most major fights we've ever witnessed.

that's when we KNEW we were officially old people. we just couldn't resist the urge to report "the truth" to the authorities....:)

it also helped the situation that the boys played one of my favorite songs. (hims is pretty hot.)


tiburon said...

Once again - looks like pure concert greatness. And you can claim they were your greatest seats at Usana ever - until Mayer. And then those will never be beaten.