for some reason this year, mia didn't compute that going to kindergarten meant eating lunch at home.

she also obviously was painfully unaware of her mean mother's strict "eat school lunch" policy. which was passed down to her from her mother (we also had the "old school" option to come home, since school was 2 blocks away.) and faithfully followed as well as strictly-adhered to in this home.

but that didn't stop her from needing, nay REQUIRING a lunch box.

so, when i found this cutest retro box at old navy, i gave in:

Picnik collage

it brought such sheer joy, that i knew we'd hit the jackpot.

the other jackpot i hit? finding my OWN LUNCHBOX:


Picnik collage

if you know my husband, than you know that this couldn't have been more custom-made for me.

i love it.


Vanessa said...

I think your lunch box should be used to store all your $1 bills that your dad bestows upon you.

Suzie said...

I bought the same Dots one for Emma!
(and I bought me a Dr Pepper one)


Joellen said...

I believe that the lunch box is now on my table outside. after this post i realize how much this means to you and i am willing to send it your way for a small fee. please keep in touch

tiburon said...

I am with Vanessa. Your lunchbox should carry around cold hard cash.