three reasons--chandler

Picnik collage

three reasons why i love you, my chandler/chandi/chanandlerbong:

1. you enjoy feline-themed merchandise almost as much as your mother. and your soft-spot for those two kitty-kats rivals your mother's as well. thank you for carrying on the love for catties tradition that was passed down to you from your great grandma montrue!

2. you can devour a book in a matter of hours--and i enjoy that you have developed such a passion for reading.

good thing mockingjay comes out today......i don't know if we could have handled your high level of anticipation for much longer. (smiley face!)

3. you have the cutest little smattering of freckles across your nose. and an "angel-kiss" (translation: birth mark) on your neck that i'm afraid no boy will be able to resist.

**but they BETTER--or else they will have your father to answer to. (translation: SCARY)


Suzie said...

your girls are all such beauties.

Vanessa said...

I agree with Suzie.

What did you do with the other cat? Is it on your phone?

heidib said...

WOW! AMAZING photo shoots!!! so inspiring!!!

Loni said...

3 reasons I love Chandi:
1. She can camp with the big boys!
2. She's a speed demon on the 4-wheeler.
3. Who cares if you are sitting in the dirt as long as you have a book?
You go, girl!

tiburon said...

That kitty sticker looks familiar... ;)