new catty collars

when we went to park city, the thing i was most excited to bring home were the prizeys for dave & martin.

yes, i AM that person who spends money on stupid crap like bejeweled collar-gems. i think petco must have seen me coming from a mile away.....

we got martin the skull because he is such a bad arse:

can you see how thrilled he is to be wearing it?

Picnik collage

&, of course, dave got the fish-skeleton because the boy does love his food:

(in fact, we could barely fit it 'round his ginormous neck.)

Picnik collage

thanks to tiburon for tuning me into this freakish kitty commercial:


Vanessa said...

We got Oreo a collar once. And that damn cat somehow got it off. He doesn't understand the importance of kitty bling apparently.