10 lessons learned from the keane concert (pseudo-thankful thursday)

10 lessons learned from attending the keane concert on july 23rd, 2010 in las vegas, nevada:


1. the house of blues is an AWESOME venue--the entire place holds 1800 people, so you can get up close & personal without having a restraining order issued against you.

(not that i would know what having a restraining order issued against you means. allegedly.)

{l to r: stacey, tiburon, mindi, ahhhhhnold, rbc, neal, megan, & jody}

2. going with your favorite people makes for a better time--especially when you are accompanied by a professional body builder!

3. keane still gives me cold chills when they take the stage.

4. as well as put on one HELLUVA show for a band who some may classify as "adult contemporary". (shame on you that do!)

5. posing for photos with those you love never gets tiring. (something that never gets old as well? seeing the actual photo after wards and saying "i hate that picture of me! why can't i take a decent snapshot?)


6. when people see that you ARE the party, mothers & their daughters will switch their balcony seats in actual chairs in order to mosh in the pit with you.

7. eventually the concert has to end. even when you pray as hard as you can that it won't.

then you are somewhat choked up by the beauty of it all......

8. the ACTUAL song that really, truly, and genuinely DOES choke you up is bedshaped. it is the closest thing i've ever come to an actual spiritual experience at a concert. (and i've seen my share of concerts!)

(yes, i know that most of you don't watch any videos posted. but you really should see the beauty of this song in concert. trust me. i'm an actual expert.)

9. meeting new bff's (your internet girlfriend and her husband, your lovahhh's lover) is always enhanced by the majesty that IS las vegas.

10. no matter how many times you see this sight, it never ceases to amaze you.

p.s. i'm bending the rules this week and categorizing this in the "thankful thursday" slot.

unconventional? you betcha--it's what i strive for.

{thank you to my internet lovvvvahh for letting me swipe all these great photos.}


tiburon said...

Can't even put into words the emptiness I feel about this whole thing being over. Although the fact that we get to do it again in 2 weeks (with the Glamazon) is taking a bit of the sting out.

Gonna stick with my guns and say that Try Again was the pinnacle of the show for me ;)

And I don't think you have ever taken a bad picture.

Love your guts!

(Oh, and if we could find someone to take those 5th row tix to the Mayer that would be great...)

Vanessa said...

Did Jared steal those bottles of Jack from Lagoon and bring him to Vegas with him?

Looks like a ton of fun.

I was hoping for some more hooch attire. Maybe next time.

And if worse comes to worse, I can rustle up someone to go w/me to buy your tix to stupid John Mayer. And even though I hate him, I will stand there and suffer through just to be close to you two.

Vanessa said...

I meant to say THEM in the first sentence.

gina bina said...

Take me back! Take me back! I agree that "Bedshaped" is a really good concert song, what with all the WAAA-OHHHHHoh's going on at the end. Makes for great crowd participation. And you my friend, are just as lovely as they come.

Hannah said...

I LOVE KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so incredible! I'm way jealous...