three reasons--abbey

three reasons why i love you, my sweet abbey "abigail" abbers--

1. you are the very definition of "lovey"--being born on february 14th, i should have known what a gift i had in you. so many hugs, kisses, loves, squeezes, nuzzles & snuggles-- i am one very lucky mother.

2. you are my very best bed-maker. (shhhhh. don't tell your sisters.)

i am also incredibly proud of how clean you keep your room and how patient you are with your younger sister when the two of you clean it together! (not an easy task.)

3. i love that you have a wicked little sense of humor.

our conversation two nights ago:

abbey: "mom, i need to tell you two blond jokes. they will make you laugh."

mom: (somewhat distracted) "mmmmmmmmmkay."

abbey: " how do you drown a blond? YOU PUT A MIRROR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL!"

mom: (smiling) "hey--that's not too shabby."

abbey: "okay, so how ELSE do you drown a blond? YOU PUT A SCRATCH-AND-SNIFF STICKER ON TOP OF THE MIRROR!!!!"

mom: "that's my girl."

you will always be my valentine baby. i love you so much.

and i support you in becoming mrs. zac efron.
make me proud.


tiburon said...

I would love to see her as Mrs. Zac Efron. Although I would be a little concerned about an inappropriate Mother-in-law/Son-in-Law relationship...