{l to r: jentix, tiburon, vanessa, mindi}

first and foremost, a big THANK YOU is offered to montell jordan and his timeless voice for providing the THEME SONG to this trip.

THIS is what it looks like when you stick your body out the top of the sunroof on the las vegas strip and have your photo taken:

(objects appear larger than actual size.)


THIS is what a BLOGGER'S PHOTO-OP FANTASY looks like:


THIS is the founder/creator of the "20 dollar & under rule" that you happened to run into again while trying to scalp tickets:

(he got in. we didn't.)


THIS is the birthday banner that you swiped from your daughter & took turns wearing so the group could reap any extra benefits that a birthday-girl would receive.

the power of what it brought was a sight to behold:


& THIS is the song that the birthday girl busted some sweet freaking moves to.


THIS is the prince look-alike who soothed your sadness at no gaga tix while putting on one helluva SHOW.


THIS is some bootleg footage you found of said show on the internet:

THIS was jerone. who happened to be your favorite part of the show. which got you in trouble with pseudo- morris day. but it was WELL WORTH it:


THIS was the best 10 bucks you spent all weekend long:

THIS is the face you make when the young sweet thang (him likes boys, btw) you saw dancing afterwards convinces you to join him on the podium. and then plants a kiss on your cheek:

(fyi? you find out that he dances in THIS show.)


& THIS is what he can do when egged on by four middle-aged women:


**note to reader--i in in no way, shape, or form endorse stripper poles. just bendy boy-toy dancers.

THIS is what it looks like when you are a latino princess from san diego who's parents just dropped a cool 50K for your QuinceaƱera in las vegas--

as well as her date from the mexi-version of the jersey shore:


THIS is what your stretch-humvee and your extended party will look like while celebrating said quinceaƱera:


& THIS hairstyle makes you look like the heat miser


THIS is the tiny little bottle of ketchup you fell in love with while dining at your new FAVORITE LAS VEGAS EATERY:


which is decorated like THIS:


speaking of eating, THIS is yet another photo adding to the evidence that you did it. a LOT:

(detox is a biznatch, btw.)


THIS is the shemale winner of the lady gaga look-alike contest. (which should have been called the "lady GUY GUY contest." thanks stevekemp.)


and, finally-- if you play your vegas cards right, THIS is what you will be driving home at the end of the night:


**for more vital vegas info (it will change your life) read tiburon's informative things i learned in las vegas
& things that most definitely--may or may not have--allegedly happened in vegas
as well as vanessa's 10 things i learned in vegas .

they will let you in on the secret of why the las vegas d.j.'s are always so concerned with "where they party people at?"

and why even a very, very bad fake nevada drivers license is better than no nevada drivers license at all. allegedly.


Vanessa said...

Hey look...Rob Thomas was eating with us at PF Changs.

Ginuwine is my new fave song. I have been playing it all day. I feel like buying a saddle.

I'm so mad that we missed "Let's Go Crazy"! I guess we will have to make a trip back.

That boy was very bendy.

Best weekend of my life. Thank you for being our cruise director!

tiburon said...

What about the other 221 pictures we took? How come you didn't post those?

tiburon said...

Oh and your boobs really are that big. Try standing underneath them. That is a reality check.

heidi said...

i love that your boob says muffin. i bet rbc thinks so too.

tiburon said...

And did you REALLY call me middle aged in this post?!?!


KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I completely and totally want to hang out with you guys!

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