co-conspirator or how cole marchant helped get a photo of a female mullet


the best part of my day today was when this little man willingly helped me snap a sneaky-sneaky photo of one of the most magnificent examples of the female mullet (femullet to you) that i've had occasion to witness.

i wasn't sure if i could pull it off without being caught, but i think cole instinctively knew what to do. i dare say it could be in his genes. (but NOT from his mother. just his aunt mindi.)

he stood still, posed like a pro, and even gave me a smile the first go-round, though he knew perfectly well that i wasn't taking a photo of HIM.

he even waited patiently while i tried to go in a bit closer:


i couldn't have been more proud.


gina bina said...


I love people.

Vanessa said...

Right after you took this pic, you called me by mistake. I could hear you talking as I was screaming Hello into the phone.

Classic S.Utah hair-do. I would say she hails from Enterprise or Veyo or Pintura. That is merely a guess.

R-Eight said...

So glad to know that I am not the only who uses small children to get pics of people I need to make fun of.

mCat said...

I love Cole
I shudder at the femmullet

Unknown said...

I dont know what Vanessa is smokin'. I've seen way..WAY better mullets in Far West, Kearns (3 blocks that way and turn right) and Magna, than I've ever had the privilage of witnessing in SoUtah.

tammy said...

I am proud of both of you for capturing this wonder.