hot tub time machine

it was our long-time friend caylor's 40th birthday this month, and we were so very happy to spend a weekend celebrating his being expelled from the womb in park city.

the pictures above show the cottages we stayed in--LOVED.

the only hang-up with the entire experience is the fact that not one of us brought a camera, so amy's phone made do. (sorry for the fuzz.)

being party-girl extraordinaire, amy made sure that the "one year closer to death" theme reigned supreme:

we all had a pact before embarking on this adventure that the other theme of the weekend would be RELAX--we adhered strictly to this by eating, lounging at the pool, eating, hanging out in the jacuzzi, eating, sleeping, & going OUT to eat.

my newest favorite pc find was
easy street's le bar boheme--

we ate dinner there saturday night outside under festive chinese lanterns, string lights & nestled right next to an outdoor waterfall & fire pit:

{can ya TELL that russ got some sun at the pool? not sure.....:}

our meals were very reasonably priced (for park city, that is) and the atmosphere just simply couldn't be beat. i recommend highly.

all in all, it was a lovely weekend.


Allison said...

I really like how you snuck that last picture in, like no one would notice you two lezbos!

Vanessa said...

Allison, she was merely trying to get something off of her shirt. Duh.

Amy said...

What in the hell are you grabbin? At least you are lipstick and not butch.