i wanna run thru the halls of my high school.


i think i will sum up the whole john-mayer-concert-thing with one word: SUCCESS.

(i also thought of going with SYNERGY. but i'm not sure exactly what it means. i just like saying it.)

we had a random little group of lovely people and couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more:

Picnik collage

i would also like to state for the record that i've never had such great seats for a concert. really.

since she is jm's other-lovaahhh-that-he-doesn't-know-he-has-yet, tiburon outdid herself by scoring the sweetest seats in the second row, smack-dab under johnathan himself.

we were so close that i could nearly see his pores*:

*did that sound creepy?


the advantage to being in such close proximity to said artist on stage was the fact that we had lots and LOTS of "face time". i think it meant quite a bit to john--i could see it in his eyes.

somebody was stupid enough to spend $$$ on some ginormous, flava-flav-clock-size buttons. (who in the world?....)

but they were the best $$$ somebody (allegedly!) invested that night because they were totally and completely radical:

2010-08-31 001

Picnik collage

and, they served their purpose well: they got us some time on the jumbo-tron with the band:


being this close also enabled us to suck-up to the camera-man and get .5 seconds of fame. (you should have seen vanessa work her charms. it was magical.)

tiburon captured this moment when john was chit-chatting to elisabeth (tib's sister) about her poster, and then you can see him scan down the line of all of the beautiful people.

it's the first 10 seconds of this video, so i suggest you invest in some high-tech software so that you can slow it way down and really enjoy our moment:

that also may or may not have been tiburon giggling like a twelve-year old school girl.

we had some AWESOME people-watching in the row in front of us.

this dude here was especially fruitful in the "YIKES!" department--he was approx. 20-25 beers in at this point, which was a bit touch and go.

but it helped him be a MUCH BETTER DANCER:

Picnik collage

tiburon was in the absolute throes of ecstacy during the concert.

i tried to throw her off at one point by sending this text:



she didn't take the bait. :(

all in all, i think the night was perfect: beautiful weather, beautiful music, beautiful company.

our boy nick even scored one of jm's picks after the concert was over:

Picnik collage

the posse: michele, jj, elisabeth, jentix, mindi's head, tiburon, vanessa, stacey, nick, jody, & jill

2010-08-31 083a

the evening ended on the highest note possible when vanessa decided to wear my "party hair"--

because there is nothing like a hand-full of synthetic hair to make all of your dreams come true:


i think it looks quite natural.


Vanessa said...

That's it! I'm growing my hair out! And I would like you to follow me around with your photoshopping machine.

JM is carrying on the legacy of those bands before him...i.e. Def Leppard, Motley Crue & Poison. The sluttier and drunker the chick, the easier for her to get back stage. I hate orange tank tops and Stevens Henager shirts.

Stace said...

i got nothin but love for ya mindster! and as we have now partaken of the gospel of the mayer together, we will be bonded for the eternities :)

ps. love that michele rocked the button :)

tiburon said...

I think it might have been the greatest night of my whole life.

I can't believe I didn't get to try on the fake hair...

next time...

I am so proud of my stepmom for rocking that button!
Thanks for getting those made - I can always count on you to make everything extra special :)

tiburon said...

Oh and I totally think the Glamazon should grow her hair out.

Vanessa said...

My wife is hot.

The Carpet Matches the Drapes said...

The button is sooo true, my wife's body is a wonderland - no doubt. However, the only free ride she should ever be taking is on my disco stick and certainly not that gonorreha laden douche bag who has been with every hollywood houchy out there. At least it got on the big screen (wahoo)

Fire Crotch Out!!!!

Vanessa said...

What's a houchy?

The Carpet Matches the Drapes said...

"Houchy" is short for hairy, ouchy, yatti! Or another acronym that could have been inserted is "houchtup" which is short for hairy ouchy tuppy. Can't believe you didn't know that.

In all fairness I should have remembered that I was commenting on a blog where spelling is scrutinized by all who read it and should have spelled the word hoochy (which is still misspelled according to my spell checker). I am glad that the misspelled word is what was noticed from my post and not the message behind it. My apologies to all!

Audrey {+} John said...

That looks like a blast! You got rockin' seats too. So much fun....