this is tia.

she is the mourning dove that has taken up permanent residency in megan & neal's back-porch fireplace thingy. (what's the technical term?)


i have been totally all about her being back there--she's usually sitting on her nest, and we can all be hanging out at the table right below her nest and she doesn't seem to mind. in fact, i think she rather enjoys surveying us from on high.

unfortunately, my extreme love for this bird has managed to bring me to one conclusion. (and one conclusion only.) i am OLD.

OLD PEOPLE do things like watch birds in nests outside people's houses and talk about them constantly and call their sister (allegedly.) to see what said birdie is doing. & then bring their cameras over to take thirty (allegedly.) photos.

Picnik collage

i was THRILLED when megan called to inform me a few weeks ago that tia was "expecting". two tiny little eggs--

she then implied that tia gets around, since she was fairly certain that there had been a few baby birdies not too long before that.

megan also may or may not have also referred to her as the "michelle duggar of the dove world":





Picnik collage


Vanessa said...

I have a really great idea. You should introduce Dave and Martin to your slutty bird. They would get along nicely.

Monica said...

We just moved into a house that needed some TLC. While we were doing renovations we discovered a mama bird and birds nest inside our dryer vent. I felt bad for the bird and made my husband wait until the babies hatched and could fly on their own before evicting the little family. Big mistake, one of the babies went the wrong way (we didn't know), and ended up dead in the dryer vent. We discovered it when the smell becamse overpowering. Despite a bottle or so of Febreeze, you can still kind of smell it in our laundry room. Yuck! Next time I will act like a young person and kick them out immediately.

Leca Unplugged said...

Apparently I'm old too because I was totally with you on the bird thing. Cutest baby birdies ever.

alex dumas said...

I am old too.

Brandi said...

I wondered where Tia went! She totally took up shack on the Parry's vent-thingy the last couple years. Even had a few babies too...then all of a sudden she up and left! Didn't even give us 2 weeks notice. Glad to see she found a nice new home with a good family.....
hehe ;)

Omgirl said...

Well, call me old too. That is totally something I would do!