thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**an awesome choir student-of-the-month (as well as president!):

**the fact that a simple thing such as a hamburger phone can bring such pure JOY to a 9 year- old girl: (thanks to breque for making it possible.)

Picnik collage

**that, on facebook,i get to see that my kitty kat likes kitty cats:

**a young diva-in-training who always looks like "hollywood":

Picnik collage

**a wonderful homecoming date that allowed the 16-year-old to play on a ginormous slip & slide:

Picnik collage

**a chance to get to the titanic exhibit.

which also allowed for a chance to take the most wonderful photos, EVER, on the staircase:

(as well as allow the mother multiple opportunities to yell, "ROSE! JACK!" during the tour. priceless.)

**proof that there ARE indeed cats that are fatter than mine:

(thanks, vanessa)

and for the reminder (again, thanks to vanessa!) of how some things just never go out of style:


Vanessa said...

I love that cat. I want to cuddle with it.

We are on an 80's movie extravaganza around here. Karate Kid and Back to the Future. And I love it.

Where is the pic of you and Russ on the front of the boat with your arms outstretched as he holds you from behind? I want to see that pic.

Your girls are all so cute!

tiburon said...

That cat doesn't look real...