mia loses a toofers!


can you tell something different about this 5 year old girl?

i'll give you a hint:


if that one was too subtle, we'll try the non-subtle approach:


first lost tooth= KIND OF A BIG DEAL.


& this is what "i found a dollar under my pillow and am filled with joy" looks like.

**i'd like to state for the record that mia makes 4 out of 4 daughters that i've been able to fool with the first loose tooth and YANK IT RIGHT OUT before they knew what they were up against.

they only make that mistake once.


Vanessa said...

ALREADY???? I can't believe it! Dillon is 6 and still hasn't lost any.

My dad used to yank ours out with napkins. I feel of a napkin on my teeth makes me cringe.

tiburon said...

Look at the Mia! She is a rockstar.

A toothless, fabulous headband wearing rockstar.