when my baby sister told me that she was running the marathon, i knew that i wanted to do something to help encourage her.

an idea hatched inside my (smallish) brain: what if there were a number of posters with different song lyrics that meant something to her, and they were strewn all along the marathon course in succession?

& so it began--

i hadn't really planned on doing as many as i did. but the idea seemed to grow, much like a fungus. only more musically-savvy.

i asked her to give me a list of songs that she's always loved or that she currently loved, and i started busting out my stash of ginormous sharpies every night. (they smell so good!!)

we started about mile 14 with THIS song:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

of course, there HAD to be THIS song:

Picnik collage

& THIS song:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

we also paid tribute to the man who has an insane gift for saying his own name in each of his songs (x 3):


we ended with THIS song:

Picnik collage


by roughly mile 23, we pulled out the big guns--


madeleine & baby cole would certainly entice her a few steps further:


as well as our catties:

(btw: megan HATES dave & martin. she has never even held those wonderful, loving little felines--which is the real tragedy in our books. we thought this might make her smile.)


neal as a naughty boy-scout leader was REAL MOTIVATION:


& we ended with the best card in our deck:


all in all, it was a lot of work, but worth every moment. i love all of my sisters and would do anything for them--i know that megan felt me cheering her on.

while wishing somebody would put her down like a horse ready for the glue factory about mile 18.....

i AM retiring my poster skillz for a short while, though--my hand hurts.


L and T said...

love it. sweet, sweet.

I hope you had a big Sharpie like the one we used for Joel's undies.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Jason Derulo...HAHA! I'm so glad I'm not the only one aware of the obnox...

tiburon said...

Those are the BEST! Especially the DM and Keane ones ;)

So proud of Megan - she is amazing!!

tammy said...

You and your signs are simply the best.

Lainey-Paney said...

THAT is awesome.
YOU are awesome.

Vanessa said...

I wish I had a sister like you. But instead, the next time I come to S.G., will you put signs along the freeway quoting NKOTB lyrics?


And your handwriting is awesome.

Chase said...

I don't ever really comment on blogs or anything of the sort, but this was inspiring! What a great friend- If I had a family member as motivated I would steal your idea!

Megal said...

true love. you are the bestest and the catties were the only inspiration i needed. if they had been on every poster i think i would have finished in 1:40. love you. thanks so much for all of the hard work! i am pretty sure they made more than just my day.

M-Cat said...

They DID make more than Just Megan's day! I saw a lot of those and had no idea what they meant, but knew that the were important to someone!!

Good job Mindi! I am demanding mine for next year!

Rebecca said...

You made those signs?!?! I should have known with the song lyrics and all it would have been "word to your mother". I loved them! In fact...I was listening to Jason Derulo when I got to that sign...I had to laugh. That is hilarious. Btw, I saw you and your family twice along the course...but I couldn't get your attention. I don't know know why it makes my day knowing all those yellow smiley posters were yours truly. They were the best! Thanks for the motivation along the way!

Loni said...

No matter what Megan told me, you really ARE a great sister >:D

Now the cat's really out of the bag!!

Tiffany said...

Sharpie needs to sponsor you. I'm blown away. What an amazing act of support!

Nancy said...

What a sweet idea! Great song choices. Closer to Fine is one of my all time favs.

janece said...

Can I be your sister? I promise I will NEVER run the marathon!

{Annie N.} said...

Holy freakin' awesome!!! Um I only bought 4 signs!! Lazy cakes guess he's lucky he is getting that many! ;) Thanks for the help lady. You are the bestest!!