and i was ruhhhhnniiinnnngggg: megan marchant runs the stg marathon and we REJOICE!


the st. george marathon has been a natural part of october for as long as i can remember.

perhaps it's because i remember going to see my dad cross the finish line back in the early 80's and have the image scarred into my brain of his friend who finished in a white t-shirt.

which was SOAKED BY HIS BLOODY NIPPLES. (really.)

all kidding aside, it's probably because it's a pretty big deal 'round these parts--a beautiful but brutal course through our scenic country seems to be the siren's call that lures just about everybody i've known through the years.

this year, it was my baby sister megan who heeded the call--and we were wanting to support her, full force.

we went up to the north entrance of snow canyon to see her pass around mile 16:

we brought our signs with us, the most popular of which was this one:

Picnik collage

(in my defense, it quotes mia when talking about megan's tiny baby cole, who was one thirsty guy. but it brought a resounding "ME TOO!" from more than one male runner.)

our friend, breque, was running that morning, too, and we realized that the sign would apply to her baby, zac:

(but we could NOT resist the photo opportunity with all THREE of her boys!)


we were so excited to see our megan--i was taking these while running behind her, so pardon the blur. i loved how madeleine ran with her for a few yards:




soon after megan passed, we spotted breque--

her boys were waiting up ahead for her, and this is one of my favorite photos from the day:


Picnik collage

we saw a few other friends and loved ones.

mike, who was rocking the run:



Picnik collage

as well as made a few new ones--

as in the case of these two, who yelled, "why don't you want to take a picture of all THIS RIGHT HERE?"

so, of course, you know i had to:


and this gal right here, who stopped a few feet past me, turned back and asked, "is your name mindi?"

when i said yes, she said, "i read your blog!"

happiest day, ever. it tickled me to no end that she would have taken that moment in the middle of her personal hell (translation: 26.2 miles) to validate me.

you COMPLETE ME, monica:

Picnik collage

we waited to see megan once more when she entered town at mile 24:

DSC_0153 - Copy (4)

she was pretty beat, exhausted, emotionally spent, and OVER-HEATED:

Picnik collage

but she still had a (semi) smile on her face. AND was able to give her devoted fans a few "high-fives":


our little trooper finished STRONG at 4:43.


Picnik collage


and she was the happiest girl in all the land:


tomorrow i'll post about the motivational posters we put up along the way for megan--

i quite liked them: (and i hope i don't break my arm patting myself on the back.)



Vanessa said...

YAY for Megan! That is so awesome! And to everyone else that ran.

Those guys were totally checking out your hotness, and they wanted to be on your blog.

Megal said...

thanks for all of the love! you are the best! love you!

Sunny said...

The fact that that sign is an Indigo Girls reference means I love you all the more.

R-Eight said...

The marathon was a big part of my childhood but I didn't get to experience it as an adult. What fun!

What a happy blog post! You made my day! Hooray for Megan!!

Joellen said...

That Megal is a hot little lady!

Creative Juice by Loni said...

Can't lie...this made me tear up! So after wiping my eyes and blowing my nose, I have to quote Mindi (while watching the televised National Cheerleading Championships) and say, "She worked so hard for it and watching her made me cry!"

Judi said...

My brother may be somewhere in your pics! He ran it for the 21 time!

janece said...

I NEVER want to do this!!!

Penny said...

Joel ran it in 4:28. I am totally impressed by everyone who ran it.

Monica said...

Mindi, thanks for making me look like a rockstar instead of a blog stalker. If this was my 15 minutes of fame, it was totally worth it.
Not trying to make this the longest comment ever,but I have several items of business.
1. You look great in your photos, but in person, you are seriously beautiful.
2. After the race my brother said that the posters with all of the song lyrics were his favorite.
3.I assume the poster with the picture of the cats was yours. It made me laugh that I even recognized your cats.
Thanks for making my 26.2 miles of Hell so much more enjoyable. Maybe next time you could ask that they turn down the heat in your neighborhood. xoxo Monica

kami @ said...

Way to go Megan! That is awesome! What a sister you are with all the posters, I love it! Him hearts boobs! so funny!

ps. awww, how can you not just love Monica?!

tiburon said...

That Megal is pretty amazing!


And of course you would find a fan at the marathon.

Lori said...

Well hey, I started stalking your blog long before I knew you were a friend of Breque's (I'm an old Vegas pal) ... but so nice to see she's doing well and see those cute little boys. We miss them! Mindi, I seriously LOVE your blog. It brings meaning to my life in a way no blog should ever bring meaning to someone's life. And I just wanted to say, Thank You!