barbie house 'o dreams


the photo above is my niece, madeleine, when the blindfold was removed and she saw her new barbie dream house that my sister, megan, created for her.

wouldn't you have the same reaction if you saw this bad boy?:


i was really impressed with megan's thriftiness & ingenuity--she was given the "house", which was actually a bookshelf in it's former life, and she put a bit (or a ton) of elbow grease into making it a palace befit for barbie herself.

what killed me is the fact that she didn't buy one single barbie, piece of furniture, or accessory for the house--she furnished it with items from her own little collection of barbie nostalgia.

my mom had sewn many of the outfits and bedding back in the day--she was a visionary, that woman.....

i loved what was going on (!!!) in one of the bedrooms:


as well as questioned what was going on (!!???) in the nursery:


the party apparently was also in full swing in the other bedroom:


which contained my favorite accessory to the dollhouse:


bridal barbie was chillaxing in the formal living room complete with hipster wicker living room combo:


& the game room looked like it would be an instant hit with the party crowd:


finally, the kitchen was the designated hang-out spot for my favorite doll, rio de janeiro carnival barbie:


& madeleine lived happily ever after:



Vanessa said...

Good job Megan! Vivi want a Barbie house for her If I pay Megan, do you think she would make one for me?

Loni said...

I'll have to tell Megan I'm impressed with her creativity! And to make Madeleine so happy was all worth the effort...

kami @ said...

Wow! Megan is the mom rockstar! That is awesome. Maddie's face says it all. So cute!

Just SO said...

That wicker furniture is amazing! What a great job she did in making her little girls dream come true. Love it.

Brandi said...

Impressed! And I TOTALLY had the rio de janeiro barbie's outfit!! That baby brought back some memories! ;) Good job Megan! Kambree also got a barbie house, bit I took the lazy route and ordered mine online.

Amy said...

Love the barbie house! I used to have that wicker furniture for my barbies! Wow, good times!

{Annie N.} said...

LOL! I love that you took individual pics of each room. TOO funny. Great jobs Megs. Love the look on Madi's face.
Rock on cat lady!