shaka laka maui mint lip balm.

i suspect it might have an addictive substance in the ingredients--perhaps crack?

all i know is that i just can't get enough. it's that good.

PLUS, i can buy it at high-class establishments like maverik. WIN/WIN.


Vanessa said...

Boom boom, shaka laka laka boom...Open the door get on the floor, everybody do the dinosaur!

Now try and get that song out of your head.

Monica said...

I bought mine at Wills Pit Stop in Provo where they also have excellent Coke Zero. Just to switch it up, I tried the classic coconut version last week. Nothing like living on the edger.

Unknown said...

or LIP balm

Mindi said...

there's always a critic.

changed it, smart ass.

mCat said...

My favorite Mav of all time is the one in St George on the corner of river road and the hospital. I stop there to buy my lunch for the day, and the same lady has worked there for 15 years! Now, I am going to add crack infused lip balm to my lunch array.

Joy said...

Oh my wow. We were meant to be friends in a different life. When my 16-year old daughter had her tonsils out 2 weeks ago, we actually gave a new tube of this to her cute male nurse. She referred to him as both "cutie pie" and "punkin" while still under the influence.

It is life-changing.