thankful thursday on friday

so many things to be thankful for this week!

{jody, dannielle, kamari}

**what would a t.t. post be like during these months without me talking about the beautiful weather? if you are sick of me talking about it i won'teightydegreestodaydo it anymore......

but i SHOULD mention that it was perfect biking weather with my gals.

**this card that dannielle gave me this week--it couldn't be any more perfect.

until you get to the inside, and then it gets perfecter:

**the issue of dixie state college magazine that came out this past week with my mother on the cover:

i think she is adorable.

**a husband who takes out the trash. it's a big deal.

russ has been gone all week for work and i had to take the trash to the curb. it's only the SECOND time since i've lived in my current house that i've had to do this chore. (fyi? i've been in this home for 8 years......)

but i think that i looked very stylish as i did the job:

**great hotel hook-ups.

have i mentioned that i LOVE my husband's job in the hotel industry? the traveling perks are by far the best part.

i've thought for several months that i should compose an ode of love to the cosmopolitan hotel--but why should i when she does it so much BETTER?

i shant.

**& finally, have i mentioned how excited i was to meet mark from sytycd? cuz i was. MAJORLY. & who doesn't love a man in black eyeliner twice as thick as your own?

THIS is still one of my very favorite dances:


Kamari said...

Oh no, I am "thankful" you opted for this lovely picture instead of the one you took just prior.

Great ride girls :) everybody falls once right?

Vanessa said...

It was a very thorough analysis of the hotel, but a spot on one at that. You have ruined me and I now think I need to live the life of a VIP. (like K-Fed)

Loooooooooooooooove Mark.

tiburon said...


I have been ruined as well. I expect to be VIP 24/7 now...