rollin' VIP: DO'S and DON'TS in las vegas

2011-03-27 050

DO'S and DON'TS of a girl's trip to las vegas march 2011:

DO be prepared to eat:

2011-03-27 024

and eat:

2011-03-27 193

and eat:

2011-03-27 027

and eat:

2011-03-27 142

and eat : (and eat.)


DON'T be afraid of getting reallyREALLY close together to get a glamor shot:

Picnik collage

DO go to an awesome concert headlined by one crazy lady:

2011-03-27 088

DON'T be shocked by the insane amount of crazed fans that turn out. in FORCE:

2011-03-27 139

2011-03-27 070

2011-03-27 072

DO recognize mark from sytycd and get in on some sweet photo op action:

2011-03-27 071

DO bring multiple pairs of shoes to wear. and pose in:

2011-03-27 152

worry about taking off your shoes and walking through the casino at 2:00 a.m: (your feets hurt too bad to really care that you are a dirty, filthy, filthy girl.)

2011-03-27 157

DO seize any and every opportunity to straddle glass objects:

Picnik collage

DON'T turn this guy down when your waitress peer-pressures him into buying a round of drinks for your table:


DO see beatles LOVE. it will change your life:

Picnik collage

DON'T get used to staying at a way cool hotel--they will eventually kick you out:

Picnik collage

DO insist that your husband installs a chandelier like this in your living room:

2011-03-27 149

DON'T self park in las vegas. that's only for commoners:

2011-03-27 141

DO realize that, after arriving home, your life is really going to resemble THIS:


Kendra said...

Love how much fun your always having! And love that I totally run into you at (of all places) Loves gas station. :)

Vanessa said...

I woke up Monday morning and there was no one there to bring me breakfast, park my car in the garage and clean my room.

Thanks again!!!

Vanessa said...

P.S. 4 out of 6 drunk guys choose gray shirts.

kami @ said...

looks so fun! any Vegas/Mindi time is always a blast!

M-Cat said...

You crazy kids! Looks like a blast and you are rocking that gray scarf/shirt/blouse? What is it? I want one!

tiburon said...

@ Melissa - that was a "shawl" that Mindi brought "in case she should catch a chill".

No lie.


Can't wait to do it again in 4 weeks!! :)