thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**that a photo like this exists in the world:

they just don't make 'em like rick james anymore, do they? bless his little corn-rowed heart....

**more little shopping lists created by the creative-spelling genius of a 5 year old mind:

{translation: get cosmic brownies at wal mart. get pop tarts!}

**the chance to embrace my inner-freak this weekend with peoples i love love (plus jentix) watching all of the outer-freaks watch a woman who has been known to wear a dress made out of raw meat.

but she has ALSO worn a dress made entirely out of hello kitties. which is pretty freaking awesome:

**speaking of hello kitty (or kitty hollow, if you speak mia) i heart the feline-themed gifts people bestow on me--one that i've enjoyed has been my crazy cat lady action figure. it sits on the shelf in my kitchen, watching over all:

**& finally, for this video which made me so incredibly happy--i would TOTALLY be a band geek if we played this stuff. AND had that totally dope teacher.

this is my favorite rage against the machine song. it brings out all my inner-grunge-angst as i'm pedaling my bike up a hill. and the fact that it's being covered with such intense JOY only makes it that much better:

{courtesy of wwMd}


Vanessa said...

I am completely packed and ready. Maybe I'll just come now.

Seriously can't wait!

I love the Hello Kitty, and I love the figurine. Now you need about 4 more cats.

Kamari said...

what do you mean "would TOTALLY be a band geek" I think Orchestra GEEK TOTALLY trumps band geek. I think you already been there done that.