thankful thursday

so many things to be thankful for these past few weeks:

**for two brothers who help with my computer.

there is nothing more frustrating than when your computer decides to "check out"--i'm obviously WAY too dependent on it's abilities and equally as frustrated when i have absolutely not the first clue on how to deal with it.

thank goodness for techie brothers who will take care of us. and the approximately 3,000 viruses that we had downloaded on our hard-drive. GOOD TIMES!

**for my cute button bracelet that my seester loni made for me. (but NOT for the haggard-woman photo. even the ever-reliable go-to "glam pose" can't help this one.)

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**for photos sent all the way from costa rica that bring a smile to my face. (love you, dad! nipper forever!)

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**for mia-notes.

this one was quick to chastise me for my lack of interest in the school project.

translation: "my mom is not getting my poster done."

she was right. i was slacking. i have since been corrected.

**for surprises in the mail--the GOOD kind.

i received unexpected prizeys from both hers & hers. and i loved each and every aspect of them--

they included many wonderful things, including this little gem:

my favorite part was when my brother, mike saw this and said, "maybe?"

classic. thank you to my gals--much love!

**speaking of much love, could i heart the new foo album anymore?

i think not.

& my blogging bff
heidi put into words what i have for so long been unable to adequately express with her comment:

"i just saw them on snl and i had to wipe my chin because of my dave grohl drool. he's my favorite kind of unwashed."

true, that.

**& finally, just when i thought i had written old charles sheen off, he goes and redeems himself:


gina bina said...

Yeah! You're back. Missed you.

Vanessa said...

I hope that bird didn't attack your dad.