miss katie

Picnik collage

katie had the wonderful opportunity to attend not one, but TWO different dances with two different but equally wonderful dates.

she was absolutely breathtaking:

Picnik collage

we are eternally grateful to our jody for working her magic with the hair and the make-up. we realize that every girl is not so lucky as to have a personal stylist, and for that we are thankful.

katie & christian made jr. prom look GOOD:


then, it was steven's turn for sr. ball:


this mother wanted to give her daughter MAD PROPS for being smart and opting for wearing the same beautiful dress to both dances, thus saving her parents $$ while pocketing a little incentive purse money for doing so:

Picnik collage

and the whole neighborhood rejoiced:



tammy said...

Beautiful and smart.

Vanessa said...

She looks so pretty! I love that dress!!

tiburon said...

SUCH a stunner!!