the problem with taking a massive blogging break is the overwhelming feeling you get when playing catch-up.

i've played this game before with scrapbooks (yuck. yikes! yes....) and the outcome is always the same: shame-spiral, guilt, procrastination, FAIL.

this time, i'm going a different route--catching up in one post: minimum wordage, minimum photos, minimum but essential info, MAXIMUM WIN.

so, what have we been up to for the past 1.5 months?

we've celebrated 20 years of marriage-ness:

for which russ thought this card so lovingly applied:

but i gave him this because he rules. and i can't live without him:

{found here}

we drove tiny cars:

Picnik collage

filled water balloons:


had some real, honest-to-goodness fun at girls camp:

Picnik collage

and even managed to show a little love to our sister in the process: (this is one of my favorite photos, ever.)


we turned 17 years old:


and continued to tolerate chandler's never-ending kitty-glam photo sessions:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

we watched the birdies grow in their nest:

& saw lovingly-crafted (check out the time-consuming detail on the envelope! now THAT is love and devotion) notes to the tooth-fairy from a first-timer:

Picnik collage

& the more no-nonsense, business-like approach from a veteran:


all in all, we have continued to experience a beautiful life.

which sometimes is just enough to nearly wear a girl out:

2011-07-03 18.00.46


Suzie said...

3 reasons:

1 You're grateful. It shows
2 You embrace fun, beauty & life.
3 Your wit, charm & good looks win me over every time.

tammy said...

I think I like the idea of only blogging every 1.5 months.

That card is the best.

At first when I read the picture, I read it as "I love you more than anybody I did yesterday". I'm dyslexic or something.

Passed out in the back seat of a car....story of my life.

me said...

Welcome back! Your blog is one of our favorite St. George Connections.

Wyoming Peterson Crew

kami @ said...

Welcome back friend! I miss you!

Lots going on at the Clove always.

Vanessa said...

Can Chandler come up and do some kitty photos w/Oreo? He is feeling neglected.

You two crazy kids look like your wedding photo belongs in the picture frame that comes with it when you bought it.

I'm glad you are back!

Omgirl said...

A) that wedding photo is TO DIE FOR. You couldn't stage a better 80's one.

B) That tooth fairy letter is to die for. It makes me regret that I didn't have Daphne write on hers.

The Miller's said...

I still HATE your cats!!!!