sister wife!

i love that my daughter is smart enough to get a picture at the mall with kody & robyn from
sister wives~


Vanessa said...

I hope that she asked them the following things:
1. Where are the other 3?
2. Do you realize how stupid your hair is?
3. How's Vegas working out for you?
4. Is Janell still lazy?
5. Do you have a job yet to support all 50 of you?
All burning questions.

But good for her to take a pic. She knows whats important.

Amy said...

When I first saw this I thought, hey, that looks like Robyn, then I looked closer and realized it was! Cool.

heidi said...

1. were you concerned that he may be scoping out your daugther as his next victim?
2. do you think the next step in his horrible hair domination will be a flat iron a la billy ray cyrus?
3. with all the girls in your family, just and idea- halloween. i know, i'd fly out just to join you.

Judi said...

Not to brag or anything, but Robyn has been to my house a few times!!