dolly's bookstore


one of our very favorite destinations on park city's main street is dolly's bookstore

however, we visit this quaint little bookstore not for the books, but rather for the CATS.

mr. dolly & che (SHAY, as in che guevara) rule the roost here, literally. chandler is absolutely beside herself every time she enters, thinking about the beauty of a workplace environment that not only tolerates but ENCOURAGES her crazy cat-lady behavior:

{amy--your dream come true!!!}

mr. dolly is the 3rd cat in the line of dolly namesakes:

Picnik collage

che has been around for nearly 18 years, and prefers to chill out on the various sofas and chairs scattered amongst the store:

Picnik collage

chandler's ultimate goal would be to move to park city solely to dedicate her life to her two loves: books AND catties!

we have a feeling she would fit in just fine: