thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**lagoon's one and only redeeming quality:


** police officers who don't haul this mother's arse off to jail after her 6-year old calls 911.


**and for the same said 6-year old who had the gall to tell the dispatcher who called back to the house that she "had the wrong number". nice:


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**the fact that you really only need ONE chair to watch television: (a mere 18 inches from the set)

Picnik collage

**the desert sage that blooms during these miserable hot months--it is my favorite plant and brings me much joy: (did i just sound like a member of AARP? yikes.)

**& finally, for the simple laughs in life. provided by the likes of the hunchcat of notre dame:

{courtesy of dooce}


Vanessa said...

Safety first! She was just testing the service to make sure they were reliable.

gina bina said...

"like a member of AARP?" Oh...Mindi. I am all smiles. xo

colbycowan said...

You know it's Wednesday, right??

Lamchops said...

I am with the Cowan-I love that you are so prompt at the Thankful Thursday. Being that it is Wednesday you are ahead of the game. I also see that you posted on Tuesday-are you a closet over achiever?! Cute post.

Mindi said...

holy shit. it IS wednesday.