thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**beautiful weather for a motorcycle ride. and a buddy who wants to get in on the action:


i think we look so natural:


**the fact that i may or may not have (allegedly) BEAT somebody in a game of words with friends who may or may not (allegedly) be in the photo above.

which might just be my greatest achievement, ever.

i place it right above marrying russ and birthing my four children:

**mia's fantastic spelling skillz:


(TRANSLATION: "this is an ice cream. it is strawberry. it is yummy.")

**that the 80's dream is still kept awake & alive by my 13-year old's school:

(on the downside, she came to me and described this outfit as "from the 60's". dislike.)

80's chawni

**baby libby's shopping skills.

she went right along to las vegas to search for a homecoming dress, and she couldn't have been any sweeter. or cuter. i think she might possibly be the actual cutest baby in the world.

here she is just chillaxing in the dressing room amongst the 400 dresses we tried on:


**when i find random old photos on russ's cell phone that i've never seen.

like these:




Picnik collage

**that the good 'ole candy bar card never really goes out of style:




**& finally, for j lo & fiat. for making me actually want to purchase a fiat. (it's sooooo cute!)

my favorite part is at :14--


kami @ said...

Mia's spelling! Ha! I love it!

Happy Thursday! :)

Vanessa said...

Tiburon is my Jared. I will beat her some day.

Cryptic 1st grade spelling makes me smile. Especially when it is about ice cream.

That is the best candy bar poster EVER! I better get one for my (It's coming up, you know)

Not only is Libby's name adorable, she is too.

tammy said...

I hope you save Mia's picture forever.

Thanks for your sweet comment on our good news. 6 months is a lot of togetherness.