happy turkey day~


yeah. what SHE said.

TRANSLATION: "don't eat me! 'cause i am sick. i sneeze, i throw up, and get runny noses. that's what you will get, too."


Vanessa said...

I was totally able to translate that w/out your translation.

A Chow.

Joy said...

I LOVE this.

Rhosette Meyer said...
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Rhosette Meyer said...

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Yarrah White said...

Very meaningful piece of art. Continue doing like this kind of art. Nice and God Bless

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Zenith Hoffman said...

Interesting art, but need for a translation.. hahaha jusk kidding.. It's really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Jessamyn Wyatt said...

awesome and cool,hope you inspire all youth generation,long live!

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Ulrich Rocha said...

Who ever do this has a future.. it just needs guidance and inclination. Thanks for showing it.

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Bailey Collick said...

Very good. Kudos to the kid! keep it up!

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