chandi and abbey take the mom quiz (because it's all about me. obvi.)

i saw this on natalie's blog and i loved it. nothing like hearing what you are REALLY like.
since my favorite subject is talking about ME, i asked chandler (11) and abbey (7) the following MOM QUIZ questions and here's where they weighed in:

what is something mom always says to you?
c: "stop messing around."
a: " because i said so."

what is mom's favorite food?
c: can it be a drink? (mom-"yes.") then diet dr. pepper
a: cafe rio

what makes mom happy?
c: when i do my chores
a: when i make my bed

what makes mom sad?
c: when we fight with each other
a: when i don't do my job

what makes mom laugh?
c: things on youtube
a: my comebacks (!)

how old is mom?
c: 38 years old (bingo!)
a: 36 years old (thank you.)

how tall is mom?
c: 6 feet 5 inches
a: 36
(for the record: 5'10'')

what is mom's favorite thing to do?
c: shop
a: blog

what does mom do when you're not around?
c: blog
a: clean up after us

what is mom good at?
c: picking out cute clothes for me
a: taking care of mia

what is mom bad at?
c: making decisions if i can have a sleepover (translation: saying YES)
a: choosing something for dinner

what do you and mom do together?
c: go get a drink and shop at target
a: go get a drink and listen to loud music

(is there a pattern there? hmmmmmmmmmmmm.)


omar said...

My favorite is the "how tall is mom" question! hilarious!

tiburon said...

LOVE THIS! So going to have to play :)

Where shout out be?

Aimee said...

So cute! Obviously, you're one thirsty lady! :)

Pedaling said...

i love kids answers - great pic and i think i may have been able to answer some of those about you myself.

simply kris said...

I'm goingo to give this a whirl. I vow to answer truthfully and to NOT alterany words or phrases to make me look better.

BTW, Love the pic.

Lesley said...

Love this! I may have to ask my 3 year old queen of the world those very questions.

tammy said...

Cute. I love to hear what they really think.

Tiffany said...

Oh! This is so cute!!

Christie said...

Cute! My idea of a perfect day is drinking a diet dr pepper at cafe rio. No wonder I like your blog so much.

Vanessa said...

I love that there is someone else out there that is 5'10" like me. We can look down on all the little peeps.

and ps, when I'm reading the confession booth 50 times a day, i love your tunes.

Erin said...

It sounds like your kids think you are an amazing mom. That's all that matters, right?

Ooh, and I'm 5'11. Where do you buy pants that are long enough???

kami @ said...

I love that they both said go get a drink. So cute!

ps. I think I saw this over on Natalie' that where you saw it?

pps. I want to play this one too, it is a good one!

Mindi said...

kami---THANK YOU.

mad props now posted for natalie.

Rusti said...

Love this! I totally want to see what my kids say.

Check my blog.

Anonymous said...

How cute and I totally see a pattern developing here!

Tammy did this a while back and I think I might have it in my drafts, maybe I should ppull it out and dust it off.

kourtney said...

Kids are so HONEST! I love it! Hey, do you need a drink?

Brittany said...

i have to tell you: my mother and I would go at least once a day when i was growing up, over to crest for a drink! it's one of those awesome every-single-day memories... and now, i'm a mom who must.have.drink. 24/7... my husband, who is from a small village in Fiji, thinks i'm strange. i don't care.

Brittany said...

ps. i've felt validated all week by the fact that i'm now... on your sidebar.

samiam said...

apparently you drink... A LOT =)

carly k said...

I hope I am a mom just like you someday. Because, I love you.

Trina said...

That picture is adorable! The answers even more so.
I'm kinda afraid of what my boys' answers would be...

Whitney R said...

This is funny, and cute.

I wish I had some kids so I could do this quiz.

Wonder if I can modify it for my husband? Hmm.. wonder what he'd say I was bad at.....

Amy M. said...

I might just have to borrow that idea. I love your girls answers. I might be afraid of what my girls would say. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Very cute answers! I love Diet Dr. Pepper too. A little addicted. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I just may have to kife this some day! There difinitely is a pattern there!

Shannon said...

I am definitely going to have to lift this! Love it!

tiki_lady said...

you are such a fun mom! I loved this post!

hoLLy said...

i didn't know you were a drinker! :)

Jod Jas Curtis said...

Love it- I think I might have to play... except my kids answers make me a bit nervous.........

Omgirl said...

sounds like someone might have a SLIGHT caffiene addiction.