thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the totally tubular 80's fan-FREAKING-tastic hair that jody gave megan for her ward party.

i must say, i was speechless. words cannot describe it's awesomeness.

fyi: that is MY banana clip. jealous?

**this spectacular wwf cake that russ bought at the neighborhood snack shack for a mere 4 dollars. (plus a 4 dollar tip.)

**the lunch at haven that i went to last friday with my blesbian blover, arianne~she was beautiful and funny and every bit as charming as i remembered her to be. i'm glad that we can keep our hot, steamy bliggity-blogger blove affair going. AND i forgive her for not telling me that my SHIRT WAS ON BACKWARDS!!! (like that white tag in front? so do i....)

**THIS song that can still make me want to get up on the table and shake it like a polaroid picture. i'm such a sucker for bubblegum.

**this video from the rockstars at pes.


Omgirl said...

I'm serious, I didn't see any tags on the front of your shirt!!!

Ammie said...

Loved Megan's hair but not as much as the sweat pair of pants she had on! By the way, how come Thankful Thursday is on Wednesday?

Shawn said...

Way cool hair do! It was bigger than any that I ever wore, but it rocked!

And lucky you to hang out with Arianne! She seems like a fun person.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I used to love the banana clip!

Great thankfuls list!

tiburon said...

Oh that hair is sa-weet!!!

Suzie said...

Tubular hair.
Awesome Arianne.
Hilarious you!

Kami said...

I love the banana clip! I still use them...seriously. How fun to do lunch at Haven with Arianne, I need to try this place.

J.J. said...

Those boys down at the snack shack are geniuses...I would have paid $8 for the entertainment value alone...ok, and because of the chocolate

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Oh man! You do have alot to be thankful for! I'm LOVING that cake. I might copy their idea. If they have a problem with that tell them to come here and tell it to my face! JK. I talk big. It's fun.