cinco. DE MAYO!

after seeing kami & kyle's cinco de mayo party/anniversary/celebration/FIESTA! last year, i decided that we would throw our own shindig to celebrate our beloved 5th of may.

this one was just like theirs, only about 10 steps down in the "classy factor". a white-trash, ghetto version of the barrio, if you will. (or even if you won't.)

since i am officially part mexi, i threw all political-correctness OUT THE DOOR and asked our guests to dress up in their grandest latino finery:

russ & i were especially proud to celebrate my heritage: (doesn't russ look BADASS?)

we ate, we partied, we drank red punch, & we beat poor pinata-dora to a crepe-paper pulp:

the very best part of the evening was the absolutely beautiful weather.

AND our wonderful friends and family.

AND the gallon-size ziploc bags full of candy that each child took home.


...another victorious entry for jared's "wood coffee table book":


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

i love it I am seriously laughing my head off what a great idea

tiburon said...

Next year I am completely rearranging my life to make sure I am there on May 5th.

Kami said...

Next year we are coming down there!

Your glamour shot made my night! The eyebrows are my favorite!

Vanessa said...

I didn't even recognize Russ!!

So awesome!

tammy said...

Usually I just go next door to have a night like this.