the end of an era....

mia graduated from preschool last week.

my baby--our little caboose. how could this possibly be?

unfortunately, time and this little lady waits for no one. so i gave in and allowed her to actually age. (it was a little rough.)

she dressed up in all her finery for the momentous occasion:

when we got there for the ceremony, she was a bit miffed that the graduation cap covered her hair. she had endured the curling process and wanted the result to be admired by all:

which resulted in numerous attempts at sabotage:

her beloved teacher, miss brandi, gave mia the "best friend" and "trendy diva" award.

we felt like it was fitting.

mia's friend, pierce, was also doing the pomp & circumstance march--

he said he would also be available this summer to "babysit" mia if needed. (see THIS post)

(i also wanted to show the letter that arrived in the mail for our family this past week from pierce--it was a 'thank you' note for the cinco de mayo party. AND it included one dollar. to help defray costs...... it was an instant hit.)

i loved the creative graduation hat treat that one of the (overachieving!) mothers made for the children--it's made with a reese's miniature peanut butter cup, ghiradelli square, piece of licorice rope and mini m&m:


L and T said...

So glad to see Pierce's thank you note made it safely to your home, and even on the blog. He just wanted to thank you for inviting us to the fun party and thought a dollar would help with the cost of food.

tiburon said...

Congratulations to hers.

It is a sad sad day. But at least she looks cute :)

Brandi said...

HAHA! Yeah, she wasn't too excited about messing up her perfectly curled hair with the hat. Trendy diva's always have to keep their appearance in mind!;)
I already miss that girl! What a sweetheart! Kambree would love to "babysit" Mia anytime!
Love you Miss Mia! We will get together soon!
-Ms. Brandi

Vanessa said...

It's all about the hair. And hers looks cute!

I guess Pierce didn't get the memo that Mia is already betrothed.

Kami said...

Hers is growing up way too fast. I love the dress and the hair and the depth of field on that last pic. Nice job to "hers mom". :)

Omgirl said...

I am digging Mia's new hair cut.

I am not digging that mother's attempt to make the rest of us look bad. Show off!!! (her, not you)