rock on.

as a mother who likes to rock it out, i must say that i couldn't be any prouder of my first-born.

why, you inquire?

because of this photo taken from the stage by a member of runner runner at their concert last wednesday night:

and once more, with the lights on......:

teach them while they're young, i say.

when i read that secondhand serenade (you will recognize THIS song. & THIS ONE is my favorite.) was coming to town with several other bands, i encouraged kaitlyn and her posse to attend.

the fact that it was on a school night was promptly overlooked--how often do you get to see a pretty great band in your own backyard on the cheap?

but the band that the girls fell for, hard & HANDS-DOWN was runner runner--

loved this photo of the lead singer working his magic on the crowd:

i might have become a big fan when i heard katie's favorite song which was made even cooler by this TOTALLY RELEVANT music video:

(watch. really. you will enjoy.)

you can become a fan of theirs on facebook as well--

i must say: i'm a little in love.


Vanessa said...

Two things I learned from this video.

1. I am a cougar.

2. The guitar player in the red robe and I have the same haircut.

kami @ said...

I couldn't think of anything that would make her mama more proud. She's onto you. ;)

ps. will we see you tomorrow?

alex dumas said...

Sweet video.

tiburon said...

Way to train her up young.