thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**THIS sight that i beheld in all of it's glory yesterday.

i started to do this job myself, but she insisted on finishing it. herself.

isn't child labor a beautiful thing? especially when they look so dang cute while doing it.)

Medical Insurance

**this dirty-ron's tutorial for foreign menu items that i can't WAIT to try.

i'll be trying costa rica's gallo pinto next year.

**this totally awesome gwen stefani dreamcatcher

have i mentioned my (non) love for all things dreamcatcher? if i haven't, i SHOULD.

feast your eyes on this INVESTMENT IN YOUR HAPPINESS:

**this handsome dude.

who wears this t shirt. and makes it look so good.

**and this video. which never gets old.


Vanessa said...

I like Russ' head tilt side pose. He's got it down.

And the shirt! I need to get Elton one of those!

Monica said...

I have never seen the mormon flowers clip, it had me laughing out loud.

tiburon said...

I didn't think it was possibly - but I love Russ even more now.

Not at the table Carlos!

alex dumas said...

Are you the one responsible for launching that Cheers video all around Facebook? That was so funny. I loved Cheers.