Picnik collage

(note to reader: this is a pet turtle. it is in no way/shape/form related to the infamous 'desert tortise'. no turtles have been harmed in the making of this post.)


kaitlyn found this little feller--we found out that he's named jermaine, which naturally makes me love him more--on our porch the other night.

he had this note attached to him:


she then unscrambled the letters left with jermaine, and found out that this boy had asked her to her FIRST DANCE (!):


needless to say, the appearance of jermaine caused much excitement in this house--including, but not limited to: squealing, screaming, lots of "awwwwwhhhh, he's so cute!", and "mom, can we keep the turtle?"

the mother may or may not have commented that anybody named after michael jackson's brother would most certainly always have a home with them. allegedly.

kaitlyn couldn't be more thrilled--this andrew is a heck of a dude. (but her parents are even a bit happier.)

to see katie's oh-so-clever answer she gave to her date, click HERE--

(& we hope we don't break our arms patting ourselves on the back....)

**anything including this picture is a winner in our book:



Tiffany said...

Above and beyond. Ladies and gentlemen, you can go home now--a winner has been announced. Brilliant.

gina bina said...

Oh to be 16 again.
My 10 year class reunion is on Friday...

janece said...

Good to know "the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree!" Amazing...when my daughter needs to answer a date I'm heading over the the Pros!!

Leca Unplugged said...

That was the cutest way I've ever seen to ask someone out. That ode to turtle blog was priceless. You guys sure know how to have fun.

tiburon said...

What a crack up! I love the other site too. You clearly have too much time on your hands ;)

Vanessa said...

I think the turtle needs to lose a few lbs. The Barbie car was looking a little uncomfortable.

VERY CUTE!! Can't wait to see how you chronicle the date!

Mandy said...

How exciting! My husband (who I made come in and check this whole thing out) and I think that is the best way to ask someone out AND to reply to said asking...


{jen} said...

Seriously, your answer blog is the BEST! Amazingly creative!