what happens in vegas

i'm exhausted!

but it's a good exhaustion--i figure i can always sleep when i'm dead.....

so, just a sneak peak of what was seen in the city of lost wages while i bide time getting my facts straight:



(sneaky photo taking doesn't work so very well while trying to be covert.)


the latino-equal of GTL:

& HERS in male form:


Vanessa said...

If only we would have had the guts to accost Dr. Drew while he was with his family. I didn't want him to hate us. But, I really wanted to fake a condition and have him diagnose me with something just to hear him talk.

And I know that Lady Gaga is a dude. I just want to know how he/she was physically able to hide vital body parts.

tiburon said...

DO I need to draw you people a picture of "the tuck"?

It will go down as the greatest weekend in Vegas ever.


Legen - wait for it


Vanessa said...

Along w/that drawing, could you include a chart and a graph? Thanks.

kami @ no biggie said...

awww...I hate missing weekends in Vegas with Mindi. No one does Vegas like Mindi...and her pose.

ps. Next time you see 40$ Sunday Night tickets, you do it! and we will come.