this is the group that went to thirty seconds to mars on a whim last saturday night:

this was also one of the greatest moments of my adult life, as reese's apparently was a sponsor of the tour & welcomed us to "take as many reese's out of this bag as you'd like."

i took ten. and then wished later i had taken more.....

i have to admit that i was dragging my feet on this one--katie really, really wanted to go. but i was skeptical.

i guess i'd written jared leto's band off as just one more movie/tv star's vanity music project, much like juliette lewis , jada pinkett-smith or (heaven forbid!) russell crowe.


plus, since i'd already written them off, i never gave any of the songs a chance. i was too busy comparing them to a "poor man's chemical romance".

it didn't help leto's cause that he was too good looking to be taken seriously-- and the guy-liner certainly didn't help. add to all of this a fan base that's loaded a little heavy on the emo side, and BINGO! you've got yourself a band that never stood a chance.


i must say that this concert changed my mind. completely.

if you have a moment, watch. it's following them on their world tour right now, so you can get the feel of what we saw:

being a concert-veteran, i figured i'd seen it all--but leto pulled out a few moves that made me gasp.

such as diving head-first into the crowd to body-surf. as well as standing on top of the railing while fans held his legs and inviting approx. 100+ fans up on the stage to dance & sing behind him for the last number of the night. insane.

my favorite of the night, however, was jared's big brother, shannon, who plays the drums:

this dude played the drums with more aggression and force than any single drummer i've seen.
(and believe you me, i've seen a lot.) we watched while a crew member wheeled over a little oxygen tank behind the drum-kit, and he'd take a big whiff every few songs--now THAT'S rockstar!

mama likey.


Vanessa said...

I love Reese's.

Joy said...

You should probably watch the video found here.

Seriously. If you don't, I may not be able to continue stalking your blog.

Steve said...

Dont forget the 100+ fans he let onto the stage during the last song and the wigged out crazy chick who knew the meaning of "dance like nobody is watching"

*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

most amazing concert EVER. thank you mom (:

alex dumas said...

In the video, I thought the girl said, "I wish there was no such thing as farting." But then, I realized she meant "fighting," and I stopped laughing.

Jared is cute like Zac.

heidi said...

1. i depend on you for my music selections for my ipod. i once asked for suggestions for running songs on my blog and i got things like "god bless the usa" and "love story" by taylor swift. lamestory.
2. i think 30 seconds to mars may be the second cult that i join.
3. i wonder if i made out with jared leto if he would be concerned about messing up his mohawk or his makeup. because i sure wouldn't care.

tiburon said...

I am still not sure I can get on board. But if you say so - I might have to.