things gene simmons can do

gene simmons can break it down on the dance floor like nobody's business.

Picnik collage

gene simmons can scale a rock-climbing wall in the blink of an eye.


gene simmons can make a grown man cry.


gene simmons can make a grown GORILLA cry.


gene simmons can love the ladies. (cuz the LADIES LOVE HIM!!!)


gene simmons can make you participate in YMCA.

and LIKE IT.


gene simmons can drive a miniature van.


and make it LOOK GOOD.


Vanessa said...

Dillon asked if he was Dr. Pepper.

Ali said...

Gene Simmons makes me horny.

kami @ said...

Maybe my favorite Mindi post!

You just needed an opportunity to say "miniature van". :)

Bart said...

Wow, look at the hair... I wish I had some! I didn't know Gene still had it. I though his "Rock & Roll all night" had gone home for a hot cocoa. He is just too svelte!

Steve said...

You forgot...Gene Simmons can pack heat and so can his chick!!

tiburon said...

I think I just fell in love with Gene Simmons.