homecoming 2010


the big first dance/date could be described in two words: WIN/WIN.

katilyn was a vision of beauty. (and of course i'm not biased being her mother--how could i be when she looks like this?)

and, for the record? we are grateful to her father for giving her the genes for her good looks. (whew!)

Picnik collage

jody came over and spent a few hours getting her hair and make-up done, and we were so grateful for this act of kindness that meant so much to kaitlyn:

Picnik collage

we were also grateful for the advantages of comfort offered when wearing a long dress:

Picnik collage

with kaitlyn being the oldest girl within our circle of friends/family, this was a big "first" for us all, and we had quite the party going on waiting for andrew to arrive. (poor guy!)

Picnik collage

unfortunately, THIS was also waiting for andrew to arrive:


having served with andrew in the young men's association, russ thought it would be funny to bring out the 270 rifle for the evening.

kaitlyn thought it was on the "not so funny" side.

thank goodness andrew knew that russ was a big ole softie and didn't seem too concerned:


there were flowers exchanged:

Picnik collage

and we were in TOTAL LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with katilyn's beautiful wristlet corsage:

Picnik collage

finally, poor andrew was allowed to leave the house with the father who carries a big freaking firearm and get to the rest of the evening with his date.

& we couldn't have been happier:


(these two are experiencing their 15 minutes of fame--they were mentioned on the bloomers blog.
check it out HERE)

(also, clickity HERE to see how andrew asked and kaitlyn replied~)


tiburon said...

A few items...

- LOVE the dress. SUCH a great color!

- Katie looks fantastic!

- Her date is a cutie patootie.

- LOVE that Russ pulled out the shotgun. He is my kind of guy (but we have already established that)

- The corsage is perfection.

- Jody is a hair star.

- The Converse are totally brill.

- There was no mention of a goodnight kiss???

Vanessa said...

And I quote: "If you do anything to my daughter, I will hunt you down and kill you like the dog you are!" -said by my dad to my Preference date.

I think Russ topped the cake w/the shotgun. Seriously so awesome!

She looks fabulous! I love the purple. Prince would be so proud.

Loni said...

So happy to hear/see the final result and I hope they both had a wonderful evening...but how could it be better than dating your cousin?

M-Cat said...

So much fun!! She is gorgeous and he is a cutie-patootie!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Va-va-voom! Did her date hit the jackpot or what?!

Oh how I love that the C-Love fam made this one big party.

I miss you all!

Joellen said...

hers is hot! good thing russ was able to look past your looks and see the beauty inside so you could have hot kids

Steve said...

It is not a shotgun!! It is a rifle. Big difference....HUGE. See the scope on the top....it is the black tube with glass in it, not a brand of mouthwash. That is to see things that are far away and make them look closer....so you can shoot them. Shotguns do not have scopes on them because they are only accurate up to about 40 yards. The rifle(called a rifle because inside the barrel are grooves or riflings that cause the bullet to spin as it comes out of the gun)can be accurate up to several hundred yards depending on the caliber. Russ...nice choice for taking them out from long range. I assume, being from Enterprise and all, you have the large caliber handgun, or sawed off 12gauge MAG with buckshot handy to deal with the close range action you are sure to encounter over the next few years.

Mindi said...

i stand corrected.

changing to RIFLE.

tammy said...

Cutest prom couple ever.

Annette said...

Could it be any more magical than that dress?! She is absoluting stunning-a perfect combo of the two of you!