palm springs new year


{view from our balcony. LAME.}

our after-christmas-vacay to palm springs was lovely--we spent it with some of our best friends & family.

and how could it have been otherwise, when we walked outside and had to suffer through THIS kind of crap?:


we built some very excellent sandcastles:

Picnik collage

& good some good quality sunbathing time--(some without shirts, some dressed for winter storm watch)

Picnik collage

we enjoyed the adventure that was palm springs aerial tramway:


Picnik collage

we ventured up to true "cold country" when we braved the -8 windchill at the top of the mountain--HARDCORE!!!


we spent new year's eve people watching beneath the ginormous christmas tree at our hotel--


& perfected our flippin' sweet dance moves to the sounds of the band playing all evening long:

Picnik collage

BECAUSE of the spectacular dance moves that were going to be on display, there may or may not have been a quick glam-makeover & some "slipping into something a little more NYE-appropriate" from two little women.


Picnik collage

we rang in the new year like rockstars: (a time zone or two AHEAD of ours. allegedly.)


and did 2011 right with a kiss at (pseudo) midnight:

Picnik collage

we dined the first day of january 2011 at our favorite mexican restaurant
whilst also busting a move to their house band--

and we recommend HIGHLY the tamales & the pomegranate guacamole!

Picnik collage

and they lived happily ever after.....

all because THESE suckers funded the whole shebang:

Picnik collage


tiburon said...

Looks like another fantastic time was had by all.

I miss you.

Vanessa said...

That looks like the worst trip ever. I don't even know how you can live your life each day. I would slit my wrists.

Big Mac Combo said...

word is right! happy new year.

Mindi said...