thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**walking into my living room and spying this:


it's sick & twisted, yes. but it brings me much joy to see dave kicking back wherever he wants, regardless of whether or not a cat should be anywhere in the vicinity. like it's his birthright.

privileged, pampered, spoiled, & thinking he's entitled to things that he shouldn't have?

i've taught him well:


**the chance to fit in this freaking awesome documentary. on a tuesday evening. in 3-D, nonetheless! :

(who says we should turn our heads to the wall and die? they can kiss my 41-year old behind.)

**the small & simple things that make such a difference to me. like pink tape on my bicycle:


muchas gracias to my biking guru friend jared who hooked me up.

i especially love the little lizards on the ends of the handles:


**this adorable little guy who was sitting on our porch waiting for katie the other night 'round bout 10:30 p.m.:


righteous shout-out to katie's date christian---you are the MAN.


i'm especially grateful, as the mother of 4 girls, that there are good guys out there that are still asking our young ladies to dances. it means the world to them, and to us.

**&, finally--speaking of cute ways to ask a girl to prom.....have you seen this video? it restores my faith in humanity.

i die for the adorable-ness of mr. pitts :


Vanessa said...

Did Dave Grohl reach out and touch you?

Yay for prom! Can't wait to see the creative way she (all of you) answer him!

tiburon said...

all good things to be thankful for! Love the pinata idea! I am with Glammy - I want to see how you answer :)

tammy said...

I love how Dave's just trying to blend in.

M-Cat said...

THe pinata ideaa! Brilliant! And I want to see how she answers as well.

PS - some videos posted just for you friend!

Kyle said...

I'm thankful for Thankful Thursday.

Omgirl said...

I didn't even see Dave hidden there on the shelf until the close up shot. He fits into your decor perfectly!

Brandi said...

Dave...hims a funny cat.;)
And anytime you need bike anything, Jared's got your back.

Suzie said...

all good things.
look at me all catching up on your blog. glad to see you. how are you? how ya doin? how's life?

great to see you.